Human Trafficking


The faith community must reassess its views on the problem of human trafficking, and its impact on the black community.  We have to stop viewing prostitution solely as some consensual act between people for money. Human trafficking is modern-day slavery. It is widespread and it is brutal.

Despite what you think you know, the overwhelming majority of “sex workers” are in fact some human traffickers’ slaves.  The problem is huge. Blacks make up 40 percent of the victims, although we are only 13 percent of the population. Fifty-five percent of girls/women arrested for prostitution are black. The average age of a trafficking victim here in Florida is 10-11 years old. By the time you see them out on the street they have been psychologically damaged to the Nth degree. This is not a chosen lifestyle for the vast majority of “prostitutes.”

Even though it may appear that they are willing participants, don’t assume that the reason they don’t “just quit” is because selling themselves is something they want to do. It is usually because their lives and/or the lives of their family members have been threatened.

Most are nothing more than slaves, subject to being sold to someone else at any time. As one rescued victim put it: “People wondered why I kept going back; why I didn’t just run or go to the police. Freedom of movement is not the same as freedom of choice.”

When you see it, report it. They can’t, but you can.   It’s not about “minding your own business.”  You just might be saving a young woman’s life.


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