New Member Orientation

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New Member Orientation

About this course

(studypress_child id=1) Membership Orientation will take you through the process of becoming a part of our church.  There are four bases to cover.  The first base is Membership.  At its completion, you will be asked to become a covenant partner, committing to support the church with your time, talents and tithes. The second base is Spiritual Maturity, a discussion about devoting time to read and study the Bible and why all members should devote themselves to becoming spiritually mature. The third base is Ministry.  Spiritually mature people recognize their responsibility to assist in the work of the church-- feeding the hungry and clothing the naked.  At Cornerstone we believe that every member is a minister.  Every mature believer has a responsibility to assist in the process of making disciples and helping to grow the church.  After taking the steps to develop a mature you, this class will help you see the need to become responsible for touching the lives of other people Base four is Missions.  The command given believers is to go.  This class will help yu understand why it is important to commit to helping the church create missions opportunities to reach people who may have never heard of the faith before.  This class will challenge you to see yourself in the role of leader, teacher and disciple maker.

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