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Leadership training

Lay leaders

Understanding church organization . . .

Ministerial leaders

Marriage Laws:

In this section, there is a video that describes all the laws in the various states about which ones require a letter of good standing and credential and which don’t. There’s also a list, so you’ll know the legalities of performing a wedding in the various states.

The Marriage Ceremony:

 In this section, we talk about your involvement in the pre-wedding day process.  Consulting with the couple before the wedding.  Getting the information you need to prepare a wedding script or deciding to use the standard ceremony found in the Star Book for  Ministers.   We discuss the minute details, such as what to wear, and what happens during the processional.  We provide sample wedding scripts, sample questions for premarriage counseling sessions, and scriptures references to give the couple

Baby Blessings:

All of these things are covered, along with a lot more, like processional examples, which is a common question from couples.


August 3, 2015


11:55 pm - 11:59 pm


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